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VariCAD 2D/3D CAD Software Overview

VariCAD Software

MV4T is the VariCAD 2D/3D CAD software reseller for the USA! We use this software for our own visual product design and prototyping requirements, and we recommend it to anyone looking for easy-to-use, affordable, and full-featured CAD software. It has saved us countless hours by letting us "see the results before we build", as we have designed everything from server racks to vertical desks and HVAC/wiring layouts with this software.

Have you been looking for an affordable and inexpensive alternative to AutoDesk AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Pro/Engineer ("Pro/E") and the like, while maintaining a degree of compatibility with those expensive titles? VariCAD is perhaps just what you were looking for, with excellent 2d and 3d CAD Features in a Powerful yet Affordable Cross-Platform 2D and 3D CAD Software (Windows / Linux) in either 32-bit or 64-bit versions.

Are you looking to get into 3D product design and development on a budget? Are you new to CAD / CAM and need an easy-to-learn Computer Aided Design system that you can get up an running with in a hurry? Are you tired of the expensive "add-on" features or varying degrees of functionality in other CAD software applications (where each little feature you desire costs a fortune)? Again, VariCAD is the software you have been looking for.

VariCAD is 3D/2D CAD system primarily intended for mechanical engineering design. In addition to powerful tools for 3D modeling and 2D drafting and dimensioning, the CAD system provides libraries of standard mechanical parts (ANSI, DIN), calculations of standard mechanical components, and tools for working with bills of materials (BOM) and blocks.

Key Features of VariCAD

VariCAD is comprehensive CAD software that is sold as one "fully loaded" package, with all features and functions, for one very affordable price. VariCAD's high performance, powerful features, and simple and quick user interface make VariCAD the best value in the CAD market.

Some of VariCAD's Key Features include:

  • Powerful 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional CAD design and modeling environment.
  • CAD supported on Windows or Linux and 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems.
  • Compatibility with DWG, DXF, IGES, STEP and STL formats. (see paragraph below)
  • 3D modeling with automatic export to 2D.
  • Sizing of mechanical components.
  • Predefined library of mechanical components, electrical and hydraulic symbols, and other parts.
  • Development Plan Layers
  • UPDATED: 2013-05-28: VariCAD 2013-2.xx has been released with more great features and improvements:
    • Support of multi-level assemblies.
    • Support of relative paths in assembly – sub-assembly – part links.
    • Support of DWG/DXF format of Autocad 2013.
    • Additional features and improvements — see Varicad 2.06 news release for more.
  • UPDATED: 2013-01-14: VariCAD 2013-1.xx has been released with some exciting new features:
    • Changes in 3D kernel, allowing you to read multiple shape representations from STEP — you can load open shells (shells with zero thickness), or solids with missing patches and work with them. This improvement significantly reduces the number of solids that previously refused to load — now, only the missing patch will be omitted. Additional improvements in opening of STEP files have been made.
    • Tools for working with open solids (mostly loaded from STEP, see above). Now, VariCAD can work not only with closed surfaces, but also with objects with missing patches (originally, a closed surface where a patch was deleted due to error or, optionally in VariCAD). Other supported shape representations are set of patches and especially, open shells. The open shells may be often used in various libraries of mechanical parts.

      You can convert objects from one representation to another, with certain limitations. If necessary, you can also convert solids into open shells (for instance, if such type is demanded by other systems).

      Tools for working with such objects and for displaying information about them are accessible from pull-down menu or from optional toolbar. Also, you can right-click open solid and select tools from pop-up menu.
    • Support of DWG/DXF format of Autocad 2013.
    • New reparation tools — Reparation tools are accessible from pull-down menu, or from a new toolbar. Apart from already existing tools, there are possibilities to handle erroneous surfaces, if they were loaded from STEP.
    • Completely rebuilt: working with construction lines in 2D — You can conveniently define directions, where new construction lines will be created, or optionally, drag construction lines by cursor at a defined step. These new features are especially useful, if you draw 2D objects in 3D space.
    • Other minor improvements in 3D kernel affecting affect filleting, shell creation, rounded corners or working with surfaces created by lofting of one profile to another profile.
    • Various UI Changes — a new possibility to open pop-up menu within command (for instance, during solid transformation, selecting objects etc…) by simultaneous pressing left and right mouse button. Also, you can turn on/off some information messages. Run “cfg” command to configure these options.
  • UPDATED: 2012-05-03: VariCAD 2012-2.xx has been released with the following updates:
    • lofting of profiles — allows you to loft one profile into another. This includes improved creation of helical surfaces and creation of rotation combined with lofting.
    • New options for profile extrusion, support of draft angle.
    • New methods of 2D profile selection, including better detection of forgotten overlaps, gaps, intersections, etc.
    • 2D drawing in 3D space: comfortably draw a profile at a selected plane and then select method of solid creation (ike profile extrusion, lofting, rotation, etc.) There are also new 3D edge-selection methods for blending — you can select multiple edges, or optionally edges of entire outlines; and, before blending, selected edges are sorted automatically.
    • Other various user-interface productivity improvements include: multiple options for dialog panel buttons, solid translations or for 3D view rotations; multiple new selection methods are available between commands, e.g., press and hold Shift for edges-selection or press and hold Ctrl + Shift for drawing-plane selection; plus various other UI feature updates.
  • UPDATED: 2011-11-08: VariCAD 2012-1.xx has been released with the following updates to this highly capable CAD software product:
    • Significant improvements in graphic interface. You now have the option of using larger icons and larger dialog text size for monitors with higher resolution. Right-clicking an object offers you more options than previously, especially in 3D module. Right-clicking within an empty area in 2D or in 3D offers you more context-sensitive options than previously.
    • Quite a few new 2D features and improvements were made. New 2D dimensioning features allow all types of existing 2D dimensions to be comfortably edited. In addition, all types of 2D dimensions adjust automatically when they are stretched or transformed. Changed settings of dimensions and single arrows. New editing of dimension style. New method of creation and editing finish symbols, according to ISO 1302.
    • Printing improvements! Changed and significantly improved 2D printing dialogue. New printing offers multiple selections of printing methods, including various exact selections of printed area. This release includes significantly improved batch printing capabilities as well.
    • DWG/DXF interface: Dimensions are exported to DWG files as fully editable objects. Optionally, it is possible to export dimensions as blocks.
    • Possibility to modify right-click behavior during any location input or selection of objects. Plus, more editing features are now available via mouse right-click.
  • UPDATED: 2011-04-18: VariCAD 2011-1.xx includes numerous and substantial improvements to this already strong CAD software product:
    • Rebuilt and significantly better DWG/DXF interface, new or changed 2D functions, better support of 2D NURBS objects (splines), significantly improved user interface and improved STEP input.
    • DWG/DXF interface supports file formats from AutoCAD 2011 down to R12, and works with wider range of objects than previous versions.
    • 2D module contains: improved working with NURBS curves (including editing NURBS curves), improved interaction with user-defined blocks or symbol libraries, changed hatch functions and editing of existing hatches, and new edit functions (like changing line lengths or arc radii).
    • User interface new features include displaying coordinates nearby the cursor and multiple options during 2D location input. Additional UI improvements for more convenient methods of keyboard inputs, entering fixed lengths, radii, angles or coordinates.
    • Possibility to modify right-click behavior during any location input or selection of objects. Plus, more editing features are now available via mouse right-click.

VariCAD can interchange files with other CAD systems and convert between common CAD software data-file formats. You can export STEP (3D), STL (3D), IGES (3D and 2D), DWG (2D), DXF (2D) files, and import STEP (3D), DWG (2D), DXF (2D) and IGES (2D).

VariCAD Implements Industry-Standard CAD Technologies to Protect your Investment
Step Tools

STEP, the Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data, is a comprehensive ISO standard (ISO 10303) that describes how to represent and exchange digital product information.

Open Design Alliance

The Open Design Alliance is an association of software developers and users committed to promoting open, industry-standard formats for the exchange of CAD data.
OpenDWG, the industry standard format, is based on the DWG format used in AutoCAD.

VariCAD's Unique Value Proposition

  • Powerful enough for all your 2D/3D CAD requirements...
  • ...and CAD that is affordable enough even for hobby use!
  • VariCAD delivers an excellent performance-to-price ratio.
  • Compatible: interchange with AutoCAD and other CAD software.
  • GUI: offers quick and intuitive 3D/2D orientation and Modeling Capabilities.
  • See the VariCAD Features Page for further details, and see the VariCAD Free Downloads Page (30-day trials for Windows or Linux) for more insight prior to ordering VariCAD.

Latest VariCAD Release / Version Information

Latest VariCAD version: 2013 2.xx
Available now, and new for 2013!
For latest point-release news, see the corporate site.

* NOTE: through August, 2013, MV4T was the USA Distributor of VariCAD.
We have now transitioned our USA sales directly to the European VariCAD corporate offices.
Please refer to for all of you sales and support needs.

Thank you.